This is such a great unique candle! It is made with an outer shell like our Glowbs, but then wax is poured in to fill it up. Each one is unique and oh so gorgeous! This candle is ideal for long burns at a time. We suggest burning it no less than 3 hours for best results. This candle lasts for a whopping 80 hours minimum! Burn baby burn!

Chandlers note: For ideal burn and flame height always trim the wick to ¼”. We also recommend using the skewer provided in your order to drown the wick when extinguishing the flame. As your candle burns check up on it. If you notice the wick is not center, give it a nudge with your skewer to re-center it. Beeswax melts at 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 degrees Celsius, making this the most resilient wax available. So don’t be afraid to put your candle in a sunny windowsill, or even outside! Candle freedom! As with anything prolonged exposure to the sun will cause your candle to lose a bit of it’s colour. Always place your candle on a plate or in a holder to guarantee any wax drips are caught.

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