My candle-making journey started with me moving to Ontario from Victoria to be with my family. I began working at my mother and uncle's beeswax candle store and, at my mom's request, began learning how to handle the business's finances. Over time, however, I became interested in the actual production aspect of the company. My uncle began showing me how to make candles, wicks, and everything in-between during my eight-month stay with them.

After saying my goodbyes, I moved back to Victoria, took up an old hobby of working with horses, but suffered extensive spinal damage soon after. With a lot of determination, and even more necessity, I decided to bite the bullet and put a candle-making studio together in 2012. During a four-month period of trial and error, I managed to perfect the burning process of my candles, but I wanted to focus on their every detail. However, the only teachings I could find were mediocre at best - so I became self-taught. I continue to refine and perfect my beeswax candles to make them longer-lasting, cleaner, more beautiful, and healthier.

I began applying to farmers markets in my area once I was confident with my products. I went to my first market in April 2013, began discovering amazing customers, and continue to increase my reach around BC.

Now I'm doing even more markets than ever (check out my upcoming markets HERE), and have even begun hiring and training locals to keep up the beeswaxing ways!