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Island Beeswax



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Ever watched Inception? Ever thought about what would happen if you did Inception with candles? Well, for some reason, I actually did think of what would happen, and then I made it an actual thing. Weirdly enough, it's really beautiful and I think you'll love it. You might begin taking it everywhere with you and calling it "Babushka" because it's so endearing.

The Glowb is handmade to internally hold an Island Tealight, which will radiate through the glowb, giving off a really warm light and vibe. Place them throughout the house, outside, on your roof, or on your neighbor's roof. Heck, you can even float them on water! No, actually, you can float them on water. It's amazing.

A Glowb will last a lifetime, but only if you call it "Babushka" and only use Island Tealights. Otherwise, the Glowb may melt from sadness or too much heat. You decide.


  • Burn Time: Infiniti, because it's not actually a candle. It just holds one.
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